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Industrial organizations that often employ the service of a  ( are banks, insurance companies or boat loan companies. Theyll use them security devices to be checked by them within their function, conduct monitoring procedures on clients to confirm that their states are real with respect to insurance providers. Theyre often called on by finance companies that have a buyer thats defaulted on obligations and become untraceable. As well as services,  ( organizations will take personality background investigations for big companies on possible important employees. They are just a few samples of the variety of tasks that individual detectives will carry out in the private sector for organizations associated with business and trade. It is easy to understand the crucial function that they play in this market, and why the bulk of their revenue comes through it. For the private individual, the probability of them needing the companies of a  ( in their life time can be slim. If it occurs its normally under painful circumstances. These are usually cases where someone in the family moved missing, or the individual has become a target of some type of fraud, either online or offline, or some kind of civil dispute. In some of these instances, a private detective is usually called in where the authorities or national agencies have already been unable to solve the problem, or was unable to assist in the first place.